“War and Peace”
The triumph of Transhumanism

And political correctness be damned…
 Old illusion. Nice or nasty?
They are just that brash in my town. They are in yards, on streets, they urbanize quickly!
Ah, yes, the syncophant nations
 (Sorry, this groaner was impossible to resist)
I really don’t think they can help themselves. As you should see by now, there is a reason that the above is Israel’s longest lasting and most beloved cartoon strips. It, meaning their whole essence, comes from and entirely different mindset and this comes through in their own private humour, much different from what is presented to non-Tribal members.
The story here is I found a page that was using one of my toon pages as an example of bad form  or some such silliness. Typical ADL stuff. What was SO true to type was the blogger honed in on the “genius” of the very Jewish oriented cartoons below which I had posted as examples of subtle Jewish liberalism in humour. The blogger thought that I posted them because “I was unable to grasp the true meaning of the cartoons”. If nothing else, our dear friends always seem to run true to form,
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