Airplane seat cameras could be your new spy in the sky

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News Story Source:, BY CLAIRE REILLY
If Elon Musk is to be believed, the future of air travel involves superfast flights on Big F–king Rockets, taking us from London to Tokyo in 37 minutes of chrome-clad comfort. 

But we are disgusting monsters and that is not the future we deserve.

In our timeline, the aircraft of the future will be a flying nightmare tube, full of belching human meat sacks crammed cheek by jowl into rows of seats that record our every movement.

At least that's the future that one Singapore Airlines passenger uncovered this week.

Twitter user Vitaly Kamluk shared a photo of what looked like a camera installed directly beneath the inflight entertainment screen on a Singapore Airlines aircraft.

Singapore Airlines replied that it was indeed a camera, embedded into the seat back by the original equipment manufacturers of the plane, but said the cameras had been disabled on its aircraft and "there are no plans to develop any features" using them.

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