Air Force Surgeon: It's Your 'Duty' to Get COVID Vaccine

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News Story Source: By Pam Long
The 59th Medical Wing in the U.S. Air Force posted on its website a transcript of the U.S. Air Force Surgeon General's mandatory video briefing for airmen at the Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.

In the video, Lt. Gen. Dorothy A. Hogg narrates several unsubstantiated statements about the safety of the COVID vaccine — and then shockingly conveys to airmen that it is their "duty" rather than their choice to take an experimental mRNA injection.

The video training starts with the following unsupported statement:

"Research has shown more than 75% of Americans need to be vaccinated from COVID-19 in order for the U.S. to get back to normal."

In fact, there are zero published research studies that support Hogg's statement that 75% of Americans must be vaccinated for COVID. Historically, natural acquired immunity has indicated a needed 60% immunity of the median age groups of the bell curve to p
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