Air Force Debates Replacing Depleted Uranium Rounds for A-10

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News Story Source: By Oriana Pawlyk
The service is deliberating how best to acquire more PGU-14 ammunition, currently made by Orbital ATK, for the A-10 as its existing bullet inventory — averaging 32 years old — is beginning to age out, said Bob DuPont of the 780th Test Squadron's guns and missiles department.

It is unknown if the Air Force will stick with 30mm depleted-uranium (DU) bullets or if it will switch to a tungsten round.

"There's a lot of discussion of whether we're going to use depleted uranium again, or the tungsten penetrator," DuPont said before a live-fire exercise here at the base May 4.

During the exercise, accompanied Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson and got a taste of how the A-10's GAU-8/A gun system not only brings the notorious brrrrrrrttt sound but also takes out targets in a close-support mission scenario.

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