Advanced Teachings of the Illuminati and Satanic Roots of Christianity

 The Infernal Pact. Nicolas Duplessis

The Pope over sees the Black Sabbath Rituals of the Catholics, Jesuits, Freemasons and Illuminati. They keep calling him the Prince of Darkness but usually when one experiences possession it is by an Angel of Light.  Satan is Light.
  • The religion of the Fallen One was not something that came out of or grew from Christianity but instead Christianity was a religion carved out of Satanism.
There is nothing in European myth or lore that is real or original.  Lets take the Greek God, Zeus, who is depicted as carrying lightning bolts and even being a God of thunder.  This is really the Greeks lifting texts from Africa about the God of Thunder, Shango, which is now mostly worshipped by Latinos from the Caribbean and in Brazil he is known as Xango.
The reason why most people that attempt to practice Celtic or Euro Pagan Religions do not appear to even know the Sabbaths is because this paganism out of Europe has been deliberately confused and watered down by the Pope & Illuminati.
Every time that one attempts to study something out of Europe, it is always some mumbo jumbo about something being in dispute or something that is half-assed and backwards being marketed as authentic. Well, there is nothing half-assed and backwards about Lucifer.
  • The Roman Catholic Church is entirely built off of Satanism.  The Pope isn’t a Catholic or the head of the Catholic Church, but the Pope is really the keeper of the true religion.
Many people were shocked last year, when it was announced that their zodiac signs may not be correct due to the Earth’s wobble.  Well, astrology is nothing but a deflection from the real knowledge of the Illuminati.  Ya see, the significance of one’s birth is really not how you determine a person’s calling in life but instead it is the day and month of a person’s conception.
We have solid Satanic dates for certain rituals or Sabbaths.  For instance, December 25th was not picked because this is a day when Jesus was supposedly born but instead it is celebrated because this is a high holiday for Lucifer.
One December 25th it is possible for Lucifer to conceive a child of light and it isn’t just Dec 25th when this is possible but each month has about three days, where it is possible for Lucifer to fill the ranks of man with his off spring.
The current Pope and every Pope in the history of the Catholic Church were conceived on Satanic Days or Black Sabbath Days.
If one tries to worship in the Wiccan Faith or follow a Witch’s Sabbath, it simply isn’t possible because pagans do not know when the authentic Sabbaths were held and over the decades, they have simply made up Sabbaths that corresponds with seasons.
The current Pope, Ratzinger, was born April 16, 1927 but this is of little spiritual significance and indeed almost irreverent to anyone in the Illuminati.  What is significant is the fact that he was conceived between August 23 and August 24th.
August 24, is a hidden Satanic Sabbath by the Illuminati but it has been cleverly disguised as St. Bartholomew Day by the Catholic Church.
There is no way of being a female and summoning Satan nor can one be a homosexual. 
  • What one sees with female possession and even females that are into the occult or witchcraft, is the entertaining of familiar spirits.
  • What one sees with the so called Enochian Magic or “high magic” is still nothing more than the entertaining of familiar spirits.
  • What people see with former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, flopping around on the ground every morning due to being possessed by the “God of Light” is still nothing more than a familiar spirit or a lesser aspect of Satan.
  • What we see with the American Republican Political Establishment and the heads of Oil Companies, that take part in this mock sacrifice ritual every year in Ca. State up at Bohemian Grove, are a bunch of homosexuals that are playing with familiar spirits.
Let me tell you something about familiar spirits that will conjure themselves in crystal balls, help one move a Ouija board and even possess someone and cause levitation.  There are a bunch of jealous ass familiar spirits that are Earth bound and after many “humans” pass on at death, they will become familiar spirits being that not all living humans, have a soul. 
These beings are envious because they do not have a body to experience life and the goal of the Illuminati, Government and modern religion is to indeed steal your life by busying you with mundane matters of race, wars, politics, guilt, sickness, food, taxes, gas prices, the worship of film idols; all to steal your life and stop you from figuring things out. (As I typed this something just grabbed my leg but I am going to continue with this regardless, even though I really dont wanna talk about this.)
Simply because I (a familiar spirit) am on a different dimension and can see things from a different perspective doesn’t mean that I am powerful or should be worshipped but that’s exactly what many Christians do with familiar spirits.  A lot of people can accurately make prophesies from playing with familiar spirits but that doesn’t mean it is from a God of Power.
Just because NASA or Google has a satellite in space and can see a forest fire going on in Montana, which a person sitting at home in Virginia is unaware of, doesn’t mean that NASA or Google are gods to be worshiped but none the less, the wretched and pathetic children of man, will worship anything that appears to be able to view and tell of events or funnel information that is unseen to the human eye and unknown to the human mind.
The earliest and darkest days of Old Africa and the first traces of Fallen  Angeles touching down onto the Earth, Lucifer gave the religion of The Fallen Ones to the animals of the Earth.
1. There is One Supreme God but lesser demi-gods.
2. The Angeles (demons) may posses all things of the Earth living and non-living.
3. Sacrifices and blood must be used to properly appease the Angels.
4. One’s genealogy is important and the worship of ancestors must be used a foundation.
All of these ancient laws, have been neatly hidden into modern Christian Religion.
1.The Catholics do not have just have one god but they also have saints.
2.The Catholics not only have Saints but often times these Saints are worshipped in Catholic Churches, which is why you see statues of Jesus, Mary and other Saints.  And the reason why they burn candles to these Saints is because they believe that the power of Lucifer can possess non-living items, such as statues, and that these statues must be appeased and worshipped. (we often hear stories about a Mother Mary Statue that is crying blood)
3. The Pope and Vatican don’t just perform human sacrifice but they coordinate all of the Satanic Holy Days, on every continent.
4. The Torah, Bible, Islam and even Royal or aristocratic families, are so obsessed with lineage and genealogy because this was a commandment by Lucifer but it is still based off of the Fall Angel Commandments
 or ancestor worship, as it is known by Africans and Latinos.
The first time that I attended a Sabbath was around 1993 in La. State.  Vatican, La is an unincorporated area of Lafayette Parish located in Lower South West La. State and while the trick is to have everyone thinking that this goes on in New Orleans, the real French Illuminati Sacrifices have always taken place in Vatican, La because it was set aside by the Pope and The Vatican for this purpose during Colonial French-Creole La. Rule.
Everyone thought that Egypt was gonna be home to Illuminati Rituals last November due to 11-1-11 but in reality it was South Africa.  Everyone looks to Great Britain and France to have rituals happening in castles when in reality it is Belgium, where these rituals take place.  So, the Illuminati is very skilled at misinformation and using covers or masking.
There is no calling forth Lucifer without a human sacrifice.  No amount of incantations, symbols or “high magick” will ever produce Lucifer at a ritual.  Only a human sacrifice, done by a male (heterosexual) priest who was conceived (not born) on a Satanic Sabbath Day, can manifest Lucifer in the flesh or what appears to be a human man. (As I wrote this a wet sensation creeped up my arm but I will still continue)
The sacrifice and ritual will always have one thing in common, and that is the use of a Christian Cross.
Why is this? Because the Christian Cross is not and has never been an instrument of any Christian God but was cleverly lifted from the religion of the Fallen Ones.
The nailing of a sacrifice to the Cross serves only one purpose and that is to summon Lucifer.
Even if you look at Celtic Witchcraft, witch craft out of Italy, Voodoo or Santeria, many rituals or spells are done using a cross or at a “cross roads”.
The four pointed Christian Cross is not “Christian” at all but has always been something attributed to Lucifer, the Most High Angel or Demon, and has no rhyme or reason to be used unless one is worshipping Lucifer.
The greatest offering that one can give to Lucifer is to display a Cross with a body hanging from it.  There is nothing Godly about a crucifix.  Even when a Catholic Priest is doing an exorcism, what they are really doing is calling upon Lucifer to drive out one of his lesser demons or lesser aspects of himself.
The films that show exorcism being performed with words like “The Power of Chris Compels You” are simply not real and if these words are used it is because the priest is associating Lucifer as being Jesus and using a masking technique.
  • Many Priests, in authentic exorcism rites, actually hold up the cross and call upon Satan to drive out the lesser demon and this is because Lucifer is the real god of light.
Being possessed at a Satanic Ritual isn’t really that fun, in fact it is down right painful.  First you hear these trumpets that are usually playing a double high C note and then suddenly dropping to a low muddy C.  Then you see lights with symbols that are either yellow or green in color, then you simply black out.
Once you drive the stake through the heart of the sacrifice, which is nailed to a Christian Cross, Satan will appear and this gives way to a frantic orgy allowing Lucifer to actually produce off spring that can walk the Earth and carry out his will.
What I saw in Vatican, La back in the 1990′s was not any aliens, not any Annuaki, not any reptiles, not any familiar “joke” spirits, not any zombie.  What I saw…..was Lucifer appear in the flesh. 
I know what is really going on, so you may think that Illuminati is simply a cover to hide a eugenics system but you would be dead wrong.  The eugenics system and everything else all flow from Lucifer and his commandments. He is real and he is not a dam alien or metaphor for simply an energy.
Call him what you will….

Lucifer, Beelzebub, Belial, Prince of Darkness, Old Nick, Mephistopheles but dont you dare call him some alien lizard.  In fact, if you call Satan anything, you would be more accurate to call him……God.
Being that these rituals are happening on every continent, it is the Pope, that coordinates these rituals because Satan will appear at each and everyone, in the flesh, if you do it in the correct manner.
So, the only reason why you have this Catholic Corporation and Jesuits being headed by a “Pope” is because the Pope’s job is to watch over and protect the Satanic Rites of the Illuminati.
There was a time when American Puritans would go on witch hunts to uncover the Freemason or secret Catholic in the US Congress, and then once the Catholics got into the main stream, we then saw the acceptance of pagans who practiced openly and this eventually gave way to the United States being the only country on the planet, where one could openly worship and even build a Church of Satan.
America is a land that belongs to Satan.

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