A Works Progress Administration Wouldn't Work Today

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Opinion Column by Menckens Ghost
TUCSON – Sidewalks in a neighborhood near the University of Arizona in Tucson are stamped with the letters "WPA," which were the initials for the Works Progress Administration.  Similarly, Forest Service facilities, bridges, trails, and flood-control structures outside of town are marked with the letters "CCC," which were the initials for the Civilian Conservation Corps.

 The WPA, CCC and similar agencies were established by President Franklin Roosevelt to get the unemployed back to work during the Great Depression.  There are scores of examples across the country of what was built by mostly unskilled men.  The infrastructure was constructed so well that much of it is still in good condition over 80 years later.

There is general agreement among economists that most of FDR's regulations, agencies and price controls protracted the Great Depression.  But at least putting the unemployed to work building infrastructure was better
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