A Third of A Century Into Global Warming

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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
It was in 1988 that I first heard of global warming. Seeing that we had recently emerged from a decade-long cold spell, it came as something of a surprise. But I didn't think much of it one way or another, as I had, by that time, learned to ignore the "pay attention to me" class.

The next time I really thought of it was a couple of years later, when I ran into Larry Abraham's article on The Greening of The Reds. That caught my attention, and as I recall it got a lot of things right.

Since then I could barely avoid the topic, as it mounted an assault on the minds of billions of people. It has become, to state it very bluntly, a replacement religion for a West that has abandoned Christianity. It has been taught to school children, first in Europe and now in North America, almost as a catechism. They call it climate change these days (global warming was simply too vulnerable a term), but the dogma is the same: humans bad, freedom bad, markets very bad, nature div
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