A Tale of Two Nations

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
A Tale of Two Nations

by Stephen Lendman

Weekend events in Pakistan and France are discussed below.

With attribution to Dickens from his Tale of Two Cities, what's going on today is indisputably the worst of times, nothing remotely like anything best.

For Dickens, the 18th century French revolution's hoped for "liberte, egalite and fraternite" didn't turn out that way — just the opposite under Great Terror tyrannical rule.

Throughout the West today, the rule of law no longer exists.

Growing tyranny replaced it.

Is full Nazi where things are heading next?

Is early 1930s Nazi Germany after Hitler became chancellor being replicated in similar form — in the US and elsewhere in the West?

In Ukraine, dominant US dark forces installed Nazi-infested rule.

For the past eight years, US-dominated NATO recruited, armed, funded, trained and directed Kiev Nazis and conscripts to operate as allianc
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