A rousing round of applause, please, for the little lady who made it all possible . . .

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"Thank you. Thank you America, greatest country in the world," says Donald Trump, saluting Lee Greenwood as the Country singer winds up his famous anthem. "Didn't take quite as long, this time, did it? No, no, it's been a hard road and I appreciate the work of all those who have been out there working to make this happen. And I am especially humbled and appreciative of all those who braved the abuse and went to the polls ansd voted to Keep America Great.

"But before I go on, I want to bring up here on stage with us tonight a woman who may be a little bit of a surprise to you, the woman who — second only to our lovely First Lady, we can't forget her — the woman who as much as anyone else on our team helped to make this victory possible.

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