A Letter To The Editor of Time Magazine

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
For what it's worth, I receive Time Magazine to keep up on national and international news.  Often their writers speak out of two sides of their mouths.  They focus on one story but fail to inform the American people.

Last week, they wrote about a "9 Percent Drop in Insect Populations per Decade"  I responded to a letter to the editor.

Dear Time editors: (letters@timemagazine.com)

Re: "9 percent drop of insects per decade" Time, For the Record, May 11, 2020, page 4

You report the horrific calamities facing humanity such as "bee colony collapse" and this latest report with "9 percent drop of insects every decade."  At the same time, you need to follow up with what causes it.  Answer: Habitat encroachment by humans as we continue expanding into their wilderness. Habitat poisoning with insecticides, herbicides, Agent Orange, Roundup and more with Monsanto, Bayer and Dow Chemical.

Why do
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