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I’ve been peddling my book relentlessly since May of 2013 on this website, and God bless you all for putting up with it and even for purchasing it. I’ve been working on a new cover, updated interior, and a physical edition to distribute exclusively through Amazon and the time is drawing nigh for this updated 2nd edition to drop. I thought I’d let everyone know (more particularly my beloved regulars and devotees to the website) that I’m going to be pushing the update, with the physical book through the use of a FREE promotional giveaway through Amazon (the Kindle electronic version will be free; not the physical format). If you’ve got a Kindle you can download it right to your reader, if you don’t have a Kindle you can download the app for your computer/laptop and read it on there.

Just be forewarned; that physical edition will be about double the price ($12.99) because of the extra costs of printing and whatnot. It costs more but that’s only a matter of necessity, I kept it at the bare minimum I could without losing money on the deal (“Hey man I got five kids to feed!” -Benny from Total Recall).

I’ll let you know when the deal is starting, but for now, don’t bother spending money on that 1st edition because I’m going to give it to you for free anytime now as a way of giving back to you guys for visiting the website. I’ll update this post once the book is officially up and running for the free promo…

Here’s the book (for those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about): A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture:


Chapter 1- About the Author

Chapter 2- Influential Conspiracy Theorists

David Icke and Icke-isms, Jesse Ventura, Giorgio Tsoukalos, Bill Cooper, Alex Jones, George Noory, Joe Rogan, et.al.

Chapter 3- Illuminati Influences in the Entertainment Industry

Illuminati Infiltration, Fabian Society, Mind Control Techniques, Destruction of Empathy, Nazi Olympic Games Occult Symbolism, Illuminati Music Connections and Symbolism, MK ULTRA and Alter Egos, Reason for Predictive Programming and Examples

 Chapter 4- Ancient Cultures and Ancient Aliens

Sumerians, Egyptians, Golden Ages, Left vs. Right Brain, Greek Mythology, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Astronaut Theory

 Chapter 5- Worship of Serpents, Dragons, Shape Shifting Reptiles and Transhumanism

Gnostic Archons, Serpent Worship, Shape Shifters hijacking energy, Red Dragons, Rihanna vs. Rhiannon, Transhumanism Eugenics, Artificial Intelligence in a Facebook Virtual Reality, Bee Worship, Princess Diana’s ‘Unlawful Killing’ documentary review

 Chapter 6- Big Food and Big Pharma

Western Diet Problems, Corn Obsession, GMOs & Mislabeling, Vaccination Truths, Marketing Diseases

Chapter 7- The Moon and Saturn Matrix

Moon Matrix Theory, Virtual Reality Hypothesis, Quantum Physics, Illuminati Desires for a Golden Age, Saturn Obsessions, Saturn Symbolism & Theories

Chapter 8- Conclusion: What Works

Food & Health, Global Centralization, One Political Party to Rule Them All, UFOs and the Phoenix Lights, Symbolism & Energy, Reptilians & A-I Theory, Paradigm Stretching, Transhuman Apocalypse, Breaking the Cycle


Ancient Aliens Debunked Film Review

Occult Symbolism in Masters of the Universe

Symbolism Analysis of Prometheus Film- Christianity, Transhumanism, Avatar, the Occult and Ancient Astronaut Theory

Symbolism Analysis of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining

Occult & Holiday Traditions

Aleister Crowley & the Illuminati Magick Trance on the Entertainment Industry



You can see that this 2nd edition will merely feature a new cover, and a couple extra appendices. The appendices are still offered for free on the website under their respective posts, just so those of you awesome folks who bought the book don’t feel swindled.

And here’s the new and improved cover:


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