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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
As I've noted before, the dominating systems of the West require us to feel weak, afraid, and insufficient; they couldn't continue if most of us didn't feel that way. And so, by plan, by instinct, or simply by inertia, the friends and operators of these systems oppose anything that breaks from that mold.

And so, the thought that humans are fundamentally adequate is forbidden. If you'd like to prove that sometime, say a few things like these at a cocktail party:

Western civilization has accomplished so many good things that it's mind-blowing.

Most people are basically decent and don't need to be controlled.

I see so much goodness in humanity.

Humanity is ascending toward the gods (or heaven, or whatever).

Or, if you are so bold:

Man is a glorious creature.

The responses you get should be educational.

Why This Thought Is Forbidden

The reason for this was beautifully defined by Buckminster Fuller in an interview he gave
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