A doctor and patients stand up to medical tyranny

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News Story Source: Colleen Huber, M.D.
I am, at least for now, a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor in Arizona.  For 14 years, I have offered natural alternative treatments to cancer patients, with remarkably good results and an absence of side effects, documented here.   I show how to duplicate my results here and here.  This is not only my work; it is the purpose of my life. That's it; most years, that's all I do.  Well, that, plus helping others to avoid cancer, as in my first two books.  Everything else I do is supportive of these goals, and they include:

1)      Warning the public about the hazards of masks and lockdowns, mostly in peer-reviewed papers on https://PDMJ.org; and in my latest book, The Defeat Of COVID.

2)      Warning people about the hazards of vaccines, which seem to have been one of several common initiators of my patients' cancers ("never well since").  The most recently marketed and most
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