A Country That Won't Hesitate to Murder Babies, Will Not Hesitate to Take Everything You …

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Will the day come when Americans, in great numbers, leave their country and go abroad in order to make ends meet? Will any have to leave to escape persecution. Some are noticing that this is already happening and its going to greatly increase when President Trump leaves office. What are these dark forces behind the exodus of Americans from their country?

In yesterday's article, I dropped a bombshell. I stated that I have had preliminary, non-binding discussions about leaving the United States. Was I serious, you may ask? I was absolutely serious. I will not live in any country that wants to take everything I own, prevent me from owning my own automobile, reduces my energy footprint to 1870, further reduces my access to adequate healthcare, and subjects me to living in a failed economy where there will be very few jobs.

The Line in the Sand Has Been Drawn

i have worked too hard to give back the fruits of my labor a group of out-of-control-communists who would think nothing
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