A Church Becomes a Cult

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News Story Source: Eric Peters Autos
I wrote you the original email that prompted your article back in May. Since that time, I have not participated in any church activities, but held out some faint hope that they might "come to their senses." However, today I received this letter from the church in my email:

Dear Members and Friends –

"Your Board of Trustees and Minister had a difficult decision to make at the regular board meeting on Sunday, October 18. In an effort to protect all of us and our families from the spread of COVID-19, back in March your board of trustees made the decision to close our building to gatherings, including official meetings and worship. After months of isolation in the spring and early Summer, the Governor opened up businesses, schools and other organizations. Many of you, began asking for smaller, safer, outdoor gatherings, so in August the board voted to allow them on the grounds, including up to 20 for the Facebook Live portion of coffee hour, and up to 5
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