8 Crazy Notions ’til Christmas: White Rastafarian Nazis who are probably gay

Two years ago, Jones had this to say about college environmentalists:

“You can go to any university and see the people with their Rasta fake hair, the wannabe white Rastafarians and their sandals and their patchouli, going, ‘It’s what we gotta do for the earth’, and I just wanna knock their Nazi teeth in. Don’t you understand the Nazis have fake Rasta hair, with limp wrists…they’re walking around in coffeeshops actin’ real cool, and I just wanna knock their teeth out…I WANNA CRUSH YOUR SKULL! Because I’m just a normal mammal…I’m a normal…[pause for thought] creature that when I see innocence being torn apart, my instinct as a warrior is to stand up and fight.”

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