7 Crazy Notions ’til Christmas: Robot Ebola Copters

On his August 2/11 broadcast, Jones went into a rant rant in response to a caller who despaired for the future (how could you not be miserable, if you believe everything you hear from Alex Jones?), and said something about “robot helicopters spraying airborne Ebola” to kill us all. The story must be at least three years old, because he cited his source as the Sunshine Project, which shut down in 2008. The SP kept tabs on the latest biochem and nonlethal weapons technology. The website’s last update was posted in October 2007.

Jones was possibly referring to this document, the outline for a presentation given to the Airline Pilots Association by the DoD’s Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program in 2001. It’s pretty bizarre. The JNLW proposes using commercial aircraft to spray immobilizing agents or other chemicals onto battlefields, unruly mobs, or what-have-you. There’s even a proposal for using nonlethals to knock out plane passengers, presumably in a hijacking situation. If you combine the notions of planes spraying nonlethal chemicals onto crowds and drone aircraft monitoring crowds, you could surmise that drone aircraft will soon be dumping chemicals. But “airborne Ebola”? First of all, there’s no such thing. This is clearly a reference to the infamous comments made by University of Texas-Austin professor Eric Pianka back in 2006, one of Jones’s favourite bits of “evidence” that They are plotting to wipe out all but 1% of the world’s population. I’ve discussed this before. The bottom line is that Pianka is a herpetologist, not a biochemist, and he was referring to a naturally occurring (not to mention fictional) strain of Ebola.

Ebola is easily transmitted, has a high kill rate (50-89%), and can’t be cured. So if They did get their hands on an airborne strain, it’s unlikely They would be reckless enough to spray this particular virus on their own turf. After releasing it into the open air, They would have to cower in underground bunkers for months, if not years.

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