Is 7 Billion People Too Many?

Tonight Pete interviews Robert Vicino about natural disasters, economic collapse, thermo nuclear warfare, and many other circumstances that could cause societal collapse.  His company builds secret underground bunkers capable of sheltering 1000 + people.  His comments that we will not be about to shelter 7 billion people is sobering, but he’s right.  He’s also right about the fact that our Government has known since the 70′s about an “event” that may take place, and they are fully prepared to bunker-up.


Could this be evidence that we have too many people in the world?

Some would say so.

Imagine it.If we had only 50,000 humans on Planet Earth we could all drive tanks and throw out waste from the window!

We’d all have a good chance of playing in the SuperBowl at least once if we wanted to.

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