2017 JFK Conference: The Big Event-New Relevations

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News Story Source: lewrockwell.com by Mystic Maverick
The conference, named "The Big Event" after the phrase CIA operative and convicted Watergate planner E. Howard Hunt used to describe the planned assassination of JFK, was sponsored by the JFK Historical Group and the Conscious Community. Speakers discussed findings from the 34,963 declassified documents released on August 25, 2017; some were held back at the request of U.S. intelligence agencies.

The documents concern the most geopolitically significant murder mystery in history, adding more evidence to the belief that a conspiracy was behind the JFK assassination.

Roger Stone, the political operative and 40 year friend of President Trump, when asked whether the U.S. has had any authentically independent presidents since JFK, answered yes – Nixon, Reagan and Trump. While Trump appears to be co-opted to a large extent by the deep state – the military industrial complex and national security state – he is still regarded as an outsider denigrated by elite
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