2013: Not Quite the Year of Alex Jones

Matt Drudge hoped that 2013 would be “the year of Alex Jones”. If he was hoping for people to become more paranoid and less informed, then he got his wish. If he was hoping that Alex Jones would enlighten the planet in 2013, he’s probably a little disappointed right now. Let’s break down what Jones accomplished this year:

1. Jones appears on Piers Morgan Tonight. Morgan has featured some well-spoken, highly informed gun advocates on to his show to debate him on gun control. Jones was not one of these people. Somehow, he turned what should have been an impassioned defense of the Second Amendment into a rant against Communists, the British, and “suicide mass murder pills” (psychiatric meds), seeding his rant with so much misinformation that it started to look like he was launching a false flag attack on his own credibility. Just one example: He stated that suicide is the number one cause of death in the United States. False. Heart disease has long been, and remains, the leading cause of death for Americans. Suicide is somewhere around number ten.
Jones was invited on the show because he had launched a petition to have Morgan deported back to the UK. How did that work out? Well, Morgan is still happily ensconced in dual residences: One in England, one in New York. As Jones certainly knows, having an opinion on television (even if it concerns Constitutional rights) is not grounds for deportation.

2. Jones “solves” Sandy Hook and Boston. According to Jones and his staff at Infowars, both of these events were staged by…somebody or other…to usher in gun control and draconian…stuff. Or something. The evidence in the Boston bombing amounts to some photos of random dudes. In the case of the Newtown shooting, Jones has not produced a single alternate suspect.
The Boston and Sandy Hook “truth” movements are thriving, but they aren’t producing any solid information, as I’ve documented on this blog and at Swallowing the Camel.

3. Jones predicts WWIII. Again.

4. Mike Adams makes 20 dark predictions and announces a revolution in food technology. Mike “Health Ranger” Adams hosts the show when Jones is away, and his website Natural News receives copious Infowars coverage. We’ll look at his 20 predictions and his epic announcement in another post. Prepare to be underwhelmed.

That’s really about it.

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