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Please enlarge this absolutely hilarious advertisement to read it completely through. Truly it is pretty darn funny. 
“Ninety days advance notice required to guarantee spontaneity.”
I found it all alone on a page with no credits.


Chicago Riots 1968, 11 killed. Definitely experienced in criminal and brutal activity.
May 12, 2012
 Tens of thousands of demonstrators will descend on Chicago, Illinois this month to protest the annual conference of NATO nations, and police are preparing with the help of one million dollars’ worth of weapons and riot gear.
Chicago’s law enforcement agencies have invested as much as $1 million on riot-control equipment, including at least one long-range acoustic
Demonstrators and organizers alike have both described the plans for marches and rallies against the NATO Summit later this month as being peaceful in nature. Law enforcement wants to make sure that they keep the events non-violent, though, and will aim to do so with a major new arsenal of riot gear.
The LRAD, a sound cannon-like device that has been linked to causing permanent hearing loss, is being touted by the Chicago Police Department as a necessity for public safety.
“This is simply a risk management tool, as the public will receive clear information regarding public safety messages and any orders provided by police,” Chicago police spokeswoman Melissa Stratton tells the Guardian, adding that it will be available “as a means to ensure a consistent message is delivered to large crowds that can be heard over ambient noise.”
Police officers are believed to have used LRADs the last time that several world leaders attended a major conference on American soil. Employing the machine against protesters during the 2009 meeting of the Group of 20 leaders in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was believed by The New York Times to be the first instance the device was deployed on demonstrators in America. 
During that episode, police assaulted protesters by launching tear gas canisters and stun grenades into the crowd ~ but only after crippling them with the sound cannon, of course.
“This is a device that has the capability to inflict permanent hearing loss on people,” attorney Vic Walczak tells the Guardian. He represents Karen Piper, a university lecturer, who claims to have suffered irreversible hearing damage at the hands of a LRAD during the 2009 G20 protests. Walczak adds that the device is “more dangerous than a Taser” and that “It should not be used outside the battlefield.”
In recent months, the weapon has been reportedly dispatched with law enforcement agencies that have been deployed to monitor protests across the US waged in association with the Occupy Wall Street movement. 
Several offshoots of OWS, along with the National Nurses United group and thousands of protesters outside of Chicago, are expected to converge on Chicago for the protests this month.
The Guardian reports that the main action is slated to occur on Sunday, May 20. To additionally ready law enforcement officers, the US Federal Protective Service drafted plans to send armed agents into downtown Chicago to patrol the city and prepare for protests as early as the first of the month. 
Chicago’s mayor, former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, told reporters that he was not made aware of that decision.
ED: And if you believe a word that creature utters, you are in for a great surprise, and not one that will put a smile on your face. A grimace ~ perhaps. A smile ~ never.
Emanuel was informed, however, that a planned protest scheduled to coincide with the conference ~ one that the city issued a permit to ~ may be larger than originally anticipated. As a result, Emanuel reportedly issued that the city revoke the permit, which had been authorized months earlier to National Nurses United.
Tom Morello, guitarist for Rage Against the Machine, tells Rolling Stone that he plans to participate in the protest, with or without the city’s authorization.
“Chicago is my hometown and the mayor is making me feel mighty unwelcome,” Morello says to the music magazine. “I don’t care what they say or do, I’m coming to rock out and speak my mind.”
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Culture is not your friend.

CHAOS by John Freda


New York Times
May 10, 2012
The first shock came when Mordechai Jungreis learned that his mentally disabled teenage son was being molested in a Jewish ritual bathhouse in Brooklyn.
The second came after Mr. Jungreis complained, and the man accused of the abuse was arrested.
Old friends started walking stonily past him and his family on the streets of Williamsburg. Their landlord kicked them out of their apartment. Anonymous messages filled their answering machine, cursing Mr. Jungreis for turning in a fellow Jew.
And, he said, the mother of a child in a wheelchair confronted Mr. Jungreis’s mother-in-law, saying the same man had molested her son, and she “did not report this crime, so why did your son-in-law have to?”
By cooperating with the police, and speaking out about his son’s abuse, Mr. Jungreis, 38, found himself at the painful forefront of an issue roiling his insular Hasidic community. There have been glimmers of change as a small number of ultra-Orthodox Jews, taking on longstanding religious and cultural norms, have begun to report child sexual abuse accusations against members of their own communities. But those who come forward often encounter intense intimidation from their neighbors and from rabbinical authorities, aimed at pressuring them to drop their cases.
Abuse victims and their families have been expelled from religious schools and synagogues, shunned by fellow ultra-Orthodox Jews and targeted for harassment intended to destroy their businesses.
Some victims’ families have been offered money, ostensibly to help pay for therapy for the victims, but also to stop pursuing charges, victims and victims’ advocates said.
“Try living for one day with all the pain I am living with,” Mr. Jungreis, spent and distraught, said recently outside his new apartment on Williamsburg’s outskirts. “Did anybody in the Hasidic community in these two years, in Borough Park, in Flatbush, ever come up and look my son in the eye and tell him a good word? Did anybody take the courage to show him mercy in the street?”
A few blocks away, Pearl Engelman, a 64-year-old great-grandmother, said her community had failed her too. In 2008, her son, Joel, told rabbinical authorities that he had been repeatedly groped as a child by a school official at the United Talmudical Academy in Williamsburg. The school briefly removed the official but denied the accusation. And when Joel turned 23, too old to file charges under the state’s statute of limitations, they returned the man to teaching.
“There is no nice way of saying it,” Mrs. Engelman said. “Our community protects molesters. Other than that, we are wonderful.”
The New York City area is home to an estimated 250,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews ~ the largest such community outside of Israel, and one that is growing rapidly because of its high birthrate. The community is concentrated in Brooklyn, where many of the ultra-Orthodox are Hasidim, followers of a fervent spiritual movement that began in 18th-century Europe and applies Jewish law to every aspect of life.
Their communities, headed by dynastic leaders called rebbes, strive to preserve their centuries-old customs by resisting the contaminating influences of the outside world. While some ultra-Orthodox rabbis now argue that a child molester should be reported to the police, others strictly adhere to an ancient prohibition against mesirah, the turning in of a Jew to non-Jewish authorities, and consider publicly airing allegations against fellow Jews to be chillul Hashem, a desecration of God’s name.
There are more mundane factors, too.
Some ultra-Orthodox Jews want to keep abuse allegations quiet to protect the reputation of the community, and the family of the accused.
Rabbinical authorities, eager to maintain control, worry that inviting outside scrutiny could erode their power, said Samuel Heilman, a professor of Jewish studies at Queens College.
“They are more afraid of the outside world than the deviants within their own community,” Dr. Heilman said.
“The deviants threaten individuals here or there, but the outside world threatens everyone and the entire structure of their world.”
Scholars believe that abuse rates in the ultra-Orthodox world are roughly the same as those in the general population, but for generations, most ultra-Orthodox abuse victims kept silent, fearful of being stigmatized in a culture where the genders are strictly separated and discussion of sex is taboo.
When a victim did come forward, it was generally to rabbis and rabbinical courts, which would sometimes investigate the allegations, pledge to monitor the accused, or order payment to a victim, but not refer the matter to the police.
“You can destroy a person’s life with a false report,” said Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zweibel, the executive vice president of Agudath Israel of America, a powerful ultra-Orthodox organization, which last year said that observant Jews should not report allegations to the police unless permitted to do so by a rabbi.
Rabbinic authorities “recommend you speak it over with a rabbi before coming to any definitive conclusion in your own mind,” Rabbi Zweibel said.
When ultra-Orthodox Jews do bring abuse accusations to the police, the same cultural forces that have long kept victims silent often become an obstacle to prosecutions.
In Brooklyn, of the 51 molesting cases involving the ultra-Orthodox community that the district attorney’s office says it has closed since 2009, nine were dismissed because the victims backed out. Others ended with plea deals because the victims’ families were fearful.
“People aren’t recanting, but they don’t want to go forward,” said Rhonnie Jaus, a sex crimes prosecutor in Brooklyn.
“We’ve heard some of our victims have been thrown out of schools, that the person is shunned from the synagogue. There’s a lot of pressure.”
The degree of intimidation can vary by neighborhood, by sect and by the prominence of the person accused.
In August 2009, the rows in a courtroom at State Supreme Court in Brooklyn were packed with rabbis, religious school principals and community leaders. Almost all were there in solidarity with Yona Weinberg, a bar mitzvah tutor and licensed social worker from Flatbush who had been convicted of molesting two boys under age 14.
Justice Guston L. Reichbach looked out with disapproval. He recalled testimony about how the boys had been kicked out of their schools or summer camps after bringing their cases, suggesting a “communal attitude that seeks to blame, indeed punish, victims.” And he noted that, of the 90 letters he had received praising Mr. Weinberg, not one displayed “any concern or any sympathy or even any acknowledgment for these young victims, which, frankly, I find shameful.”
“While the crimes the defendant stands convicted of are bad enough,” the judge said before sentencing Mr. Weinberg to 13 months in prison, “what is even more troubling to the court is a communal attitude that seems to impose greater opprobrium on the victims than the perpetrator.”
Intimidation is rarely documented, but just two weeks ago, a Hasidic woman from Kiryas Joel, N.Y., in Orange County, filed a startling statement in a criminal court, detailing the pressure she faced after telling the police that a Hasidic man had molested her son.
“I feel 100 percent threatened and very scared,” she said in her statement. “I feel intimidated and worried about what the consequences are going to be. But I have to protect my son and do what is right.”
Last year, her son, then 14, told the police that he had been offered $20 by a stranger to help move some boxes, but instead, the man brought him to a motel in Woodbury, removed the boy’s pants and masturbated him.
The police, aided by the motel’s security camera, identified the man as Joseph Gelbman, then 52, of Kiamesha Lake, a cook who worked at a boys’ school run by the Vizhnitz Hasidic sect. He was arrested, and the intimidation ensued. Rabbi Israel Hager, a powerful Vizhnitz rabbi in Monsey, N.Y., began calling the mother, asking her to cease her cooperation with the criminal case and, instead, to bring the matter to a rabbinical court under his jurisdiction, according to the mother’s statement to the court. Rabbi Hager did not return repeated calls seeking comment.
“I said: ‘Why? He might do this again to other children,’ ” the mother said in the statement. The mother, who asked that The New York Times not use her name to avoid identifying her son, told the police that the rabbi asked, “What will you gain from this if he goes to jail?” and said that, in a later call, he offered her $20,000 to pay for therapy for her son if the charges were dropped.
On April 24, three days before the case was set for trial, the boy was expelled from his school. When the mother protested, she said, the principal threatened to report her for child abuse.
Prosecutors, against the wishes of the boy’s parents, settled the case on April 27. Mr. Gelbman was given three years’ probation after pleading guilty to endangering the welfare of a child.
Mr. Jungreis, the Williamsburg father, had a similar experience. He first suspected that his son was being molested after he came home with blood in his underwear at age 12, and later was caught touching another child on the bus. But, Mr. Jungreis said, the school principal warned him to stay silent. Two years later, the boy revealed that he had been molested for years by a man he saw at a mikvah, a ritual bath that observant Jews visit for purification.
Mr. Jungreis, knowing the prohibition on calling secular authorities, asked several rabbis to help him report the abuse, but, he said, they told him they did not want to get involved. Ultimately, he found a rabbi who told him to take his son to a psychologist, who would be obligated to notify law enforcement. “That way you are not the moser,” he said the rabbi told him, using the Hebrew word for informer. The police arrested Meir Dascalowitz, then 27, who is now awaiting trial.
Prosecution of intimidation is rare. Victims and their supporters say that is because rabbinical authorities are politically powerful; prosecutors say it is because there is rarely enough evidence to build a criminal case. “The intimidation often works, at least in the short run,” said Laura Pierro, the head of the special victims unit at the Ocean County prosecutor’s office in New Jersey.
In 2010, Ms. Pierro’s agency indicted Shaul Luban for witness tampering: he had sent a threatening text message to multiple recipients, urging the Orthodox Jewish community of Lakewood, N.J., to pressure the family of an 11-year-old abuse victim not to cooperate with prosecutors. In exchange for having his record cleared, Mr. Luban agreed to spend about a year in a program for first-time offenders.
Mr. Luban and others “wanted the phone to ring off the hook to withdraw the complaint from our office,” the Ocean County prosecutor, Marlene Lynch Ford, said.
The small cadre of ultra-Orthodox Jews who have tried to call attention to the community’s lack of support for sexual abuse victims have often been targeted with the same forms of intimidation as the victims themselves.
Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg of Williamsburg, for example, has been shunned by communal authorities because he maintains a telephone number that features his impassioned lectures in Yiddish, Hebrew and English imploring victims to call 911 and accusing rabbis of silencing cases. He also shows up at court hearings and provides victims’ families with advice.
His call-in line gets nearly 3,000 listeners a day.
In 2008, fliers were posted around Williamsburg denouncing him. One depicted a coiled snake, with Mr. Rosenberg’s face superimposed on its head. “Nuchem Snake Rosenberg: Leave Tainted One!” it said in Hebrew. The local Satmar Hasidic authorities banned him from their synagogues, and a wider group of 32 prominent ultra-Orthodox rabbis and religious judges signed an order, published in a community newspaper, formally ostracizing him.
“The public must beware, and stay away from him, and push him out of our camp, not speak to him, and even more, not to honor him or support him, and not allow him to set foot in any synagogue until he returns from his evil ways,” the order said in Hebrew.
“They had small children coming to my house and spitting on me and on my children and wife,” Rabbi Rosenberg, 61, said in an interview.
Rabbi Tzvi Gluck, 31, of Queens, the son of a prominent rabbi and an informal liaison to secular law enforcement, began helping victims after he met troubled teenagers at Our Place, a help center in Brooklyn, and realized that sexual abuse was often the root of their problems. It was when he began helping the teenagers report cases to the police that he also received threats.
In February, for example, he received a call asking him to urge an abuse victim to abandon a case.
“A guy called me up and said: ‘Listen, I want you to know that people on the street are talking about what they can do to hurt you financially. And maybe speak to your children’s schools, to get your kids thrown out of school.’ ”
Rabbi Gluck said he had helped at least a dozen ultra-Orthodox abuse victims bring cases to the Brooklyn district attorney in recent years, and each time, he said, the victim came under heavy pressure to back down. In a case late last year that did not get to the police, a 30-year-old molested a 14-year-old boy in a Jewish ritual bath in Brooklyn, and a rabbi “made the boy apologize to the molester for seducing him,” he said.
“If a guy in our community gets diagnosed with cancer, the whole community will come running to help them,” he said. “But if someone comes out and says they were a victim of abuse, as a whole, the community looks at them and says, ‘Go jump in a lake.’ ”
Awareness of child sexual abuse is increasing in the ultra-Orthodox community. Since 2008, hundreds of adult abuse survivors have told their stories, mostly anonymously, on blogs and radio call-in shows, and to victims’ advocates. Rabbi-vetted books like “Let’s Stay Safe,” aimed at teaching children what to do if they are inappropriately touched, are selling well.
The response by communal authorities, however, has been uneven.
In March, for example, Satmar Hasidic authorities in Williamsburg took what advocates said was an unprecedented step: They posted a Yiddish sign in synagogues warning adults and children to stay away from a community member who they said was molesting young men. But the sign did not urge victims to call the police:
“With great pain we must, according to the request of the brilliant rabbis (may they live long and good lives), inform you that the young man,” who was named, “is, unfortunately, an injurious person and he is a great danger to our community.”
In Crown Heights, where the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic movement has its headquarters, there has been more significant change.
In July 2011, a religious court declared that the traditional prohibition against mesirah did not apply in cases with evidence of abuse.
“One is forbidden to remain silent in such situations,” said the ruling, signed by two of the court’s three judges.
Since then, five molesting cases have been brought from the neighborhood ~ “as many sexual abuse-related arrests and reports as there had been in the past 20 years,” said Eliyahu Federman, a lawyer who helps victims in Crown Heights, citing public information.
Mordechai Feinstein, 19, helped prompt the ruling by telling the Crown Heights religious court that he had been touched inappropriately at age 15 by Rabbi Moshe F. Keller, a Lubavitcher who ran a foundation for at-risk youth and whom Mr. Feinstein had considered his spiritual mentor.
Last week, Rabbi Keller was sentenced in Criminal Court to three years’ probation for endangering the welfare of a child. And Mr. Feinstein, who is no longer religious, is starting a campaign to encourage more abuse victims to come forward. He is working with two prominent civil rights attorneys, Norman Siegel and Herbert Teitelbaum, who are asking lawyers to provide free assistance to abuse victims frustrated by their dealings with prosecutors.
“The community is a garden; there are a lot of beautiful things about it,” Mr. Feinstein said. “We just have to help them weed out the garden and take out the things that don’t belong there.”

London is Turning Into a Highly Militarized Police State in Preparation for Olympic Games

Military exercises on Thames River in London in preparation for the Olympics.

The upcoming summer Olympics are turning London into a highly militarized zone. All kinds of weaponry are currently being tested and deployed in the city such as land-to-air missiles, fighter jets, amphibious assault ships and machine guns. These highly controversial measures are not welcomed by many Londoners as they create an unnecessary climate of fear and oppression in the city.

The weapons being tested do not only have a military purpose. New crowd control weapons will be deployed during the Olympics such as high powered “sonic gun”. Here’s an article on this new weapon.

Olympics-Britain to deploy “sonic gun” at Olympics

* UK military to have non-lethal sonic weapon at Olympics

* High-powered loudspeaker used against pirates and protesters

* Britain prepares for biggest peacetime security operation

Britain’s military will be armed with a sonic device that can be used as a high-volume loudspeaker or a non-lethal weapon to disperse crowds at this summer’s Olympic Games in London, the defence ministry said on Friday.

The equipment, which can project a piercing sound over hundreds of metres causing physical pain, has been used during protests at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh in 2009 and against pirates operating off the Somali coast.

The Ministry of Defence said it expected to use it primarily in loudspeaker mode to communicate with boats it wants to stop on the River Thames.

Defence chiefs have already caused controversy by announcing plans to put surface-to-air missiles on the top of residential buildings near the Olympics site in east London.

Fighter jets roared over the capital and helicopters were seen hovering over the Houses of Parliament this month during a nine-day military exercise to prepare for Britain’s biggest peacetime security operation.

The LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device), made by U.S. company LRAD Corporation, can be mounted on the side of a ship or on the top of a vehicle. Some versions are roughly the same size and shape as a dustbin lid.

It can generate noises up to around 150 decibels, similar to a gunshot, and has a maximum range of 3 km or 1.8 miles.

The device can also emit a warning alarm that sounds like a police siren and “potentially prevents the use of harmful or deadly force”, LRAD says on its website.

Police and military planners say they are preparing for a range of security threats at the Olympics including protesters trying to disrupt events and attacks using hijacked airliners.

Around 13,500 soldiers will help the police during the Games, which run from July 27 to Aug. 12.

– Source: Reuters

The police state tactics surrounding the Olympics are not simply limited to the deployment of high-powered weapons. Many people considered “suspicious” or “undesirable” by UK authorities are being denied access from the country or have been banned from the games – some simply because they’ve objected the construction of Olympic facilities near their homes. These kinds of tactics are typical of police states where civilians are being punished for “thought crimes”. Here’s a report on these pre-Olympic bans.

The least we can say is that these 2012 London Olympics will be very interesting – and not because of the sporting events.

Brookings: A Reliable Imperial Tool

Read more on this subject: WAR: About that War
Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Brookings: A Reliable Imperial Tool
by Stephen Lendman

Brookings calls itself a Washington-based NGO "conducting high-quality, independent research" to advance three goals: democracy, economic and social welfare for all, and a "more safe, prosperous and cooperative international system."

In fact, it’s a corporate financed imperial tool. It serves wealth and power. It deplores democracy, social welfare, and equal opportunity. It supports Washington’s longstanding Syria and Iran regime change agenda. Doing so ignores rule of law principles.

In June 2009, its report titled "Which Path to Persia? Options for a New American Strategy Toward Iran" was a regime change policy paper. Six pro-Israeli right-wing ideologues prepared it.

Topics addressed included military options for disarming Iran, invasion, air strikes, allowing or encouraging an Israeli attack, regime change, and containment.

It falsely accused Tehran of developing nuclear weapons, su
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War by deception, the Mossad motto utilized by all secret service agencies, comes in many forms. Here that approach is taken to an all new level. “They”not want you to see Ed Chiarini’s videos. His accounts on Youtube and Vimeo have been taken down. A search of his name brings up dozens of attack videos that attempt to disparage him and debunk his work. 
His YouTube is back up under a account:
Ed Chiarini’s videos are proof that many of the news stories reported by the media are just that ~ stories. And the people involved in these events are actors. 
The implications of his research are huge. If even a fraction of Chiarini’s videos are correct, then the Zionist media has been orchestrating fake news reports on a massive scale, for many years. In fact, at least as far back as the sixties. Some of the events portrayed in the video posted are part of the history of my generation and played a huge part in moving along the agenda desired by the power brokers.
Although I do not agree with every assertion that Chiarini makes, his videos are shocking, compelling, and in some cases undeniably true. He has exposed the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, the Occupy Movement, and even elected officials as frauds.
The Zionists are attempting to silence Mr. Chiarini because they cannot refute his findings, and they are afraid of his growing popularity. According to Chiarini’s website,, his YouTube channel had nearly 2 million viewers, 10,000 subscribers, and 240 videos at the time his account was suspended.
Despite the enemy’s attempts at censorship, the truth movement has already re-posted most of his work. A web search including his name, or “dallasgoldbug”, the name of his former YouTube channel, will bring up hundreds of his videos. Several of these videos are posted below.
After watching them, you will realize that nothing broadcast by the Zionist media can be trusted.
Ed Chiarini first gained notoriety by exposing the alleged shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Tuscon, Arizona. As you are about to see, that shooting did not take place, it was a staged event ~ a drill. Gabrielle Giffords is a fake! The other victims were fake. Even the shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, was an actor.

Pay particular attention to the opening interview with the young actor known to my generation as Abbie Hoffman, young Jewish activist and one of the Chicago Seven. He had enormous “street cred” and helped radicalize American politics with many other young Jewish activists who can now be found in different roles today. Listen to his words; he speaks the truth to an unaware and unreceptive audience at the time. Now, you listen and know he speaks the truth. Then, Chiarini exposes him as an actor. AND, no surprise to this writer, Medea Benjamin of Code Pink is exposed. She, I have questioned many times, now my doubts have been validated.

The one thing I disagree with is his opinion regarding MK Ultra mind control slaves.  And there, I beg to differ simply because the two systems, that of the media and actors, and that of the MK ultra slaves, could easily work together very nicely. The one thing I disagree with is Chiarini’s beliefs regarding the use of MK Ultra mind control slaves in so many government psy ops.  So, here I beg to differ simply because the two systems, that of the media and actors, and that of the MK ultra slaves, could easily work together very nicely. Check out his site and draw your own conclusions. ~


By Julia Mitchell

Opinion Maker

May11, 2012
Edward L. Chiarini Jr. is the original owner and creator of, a website devoted to the exposure of a vast conspiracy at the highest levels of Western governments around the world, with the principle focus at this point being the government of the United States. 
He is better known among many as Dallasgoldbug, the producer of a series of repeatedly censored videos entitled collectively “The Truth Exposed.”  This series of videos reveals and unveils a massive deception on the part of what is generally referred to these days as the 1% that is substantiated by government documents, photographic comparisons, and an enormous amount of audio/visual evidence that speaks for itself.  
As a concept what he has uncovered is the most sinister plan one could ever imagine, but as reality it is the manifestation of all that plagues the world today, and its underlying premise is the contention that we have allowed ourselves to be ushered to the brink of becoming a totalitarian state by a very dark, rapacious, and sinister cabal of people whose ultimate goal is to enslave and control the vast majority of the human race to the benefit of an elite few.  
The public news broadcasts and family photos he found available for public viewing on various facebook pages are more than sufficient to establish the veracity of his claims.
In this series of videos Chiarini conclusively demonstrates that many, if not all, of the widely publicized events that have contributed to shaping the collective psyche of the American population and involve horrific acts committed by various individuals are in fact falsified, and that all of this is done with the purely malicious intention of deceiving the population at large and manipulating our perception as to the true nature of the global community. 
From the kidnapping of Jon Benet Ramsey to the kidnapping of Holly Bobo, and then on to the death of Lacey Peterson and the recent falsified shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, he provides tangible evidence that indicates that none of these events actually occurred, and that many of the same “actors” play different roles in multiple events.  
In addition, Chiarini shows that Giffords herself is in fact merely one of several actors that have infiltrated the U.S. government at the highest levels.

Download Video or MP3

Download Video or MP3
One organization that falls victim to being exposed as fraudulent in this body of work is the Department of Homeland Security, as Chiarini provides more than sufficient evidence to support the assertion that the individuals overseeing that department are in fact fictitious characters, and that events such as the Giffords “shooting” are in reality nothing more than Dept. of Homeland Security training drills. 
These drills are individually referred to as Full Scale Exercises, or FSE’s, for which sponsoring law enforcement agencies receive grants via taxpayer dollars. To successfully carry out one of these Ex-plans involves the actual planning of the event, submission of the plan to the DHS website portal for scheduling, the occurrence of the event itself, and the subsequent evaluation of said event. 
A summary of the event is the completed and submitted to DHS, and the promised grant of federal money is distributed. These events are then broadcast via the national corporate news media as having actually occurred, and thus the charade continues, as a significant part of the Ex-plan involves ensuring that the general public believes that the event was real. 
And although the falsified events run the gamut from a missing child to false flag terror events, as in the case of the Shoe Bomber, the pattern of behavior following the staging of one of these fictitious events is generally the same.
These falsified events are invariably followed by multiple interviews on the various morning news shows. Those interviews are conducted by numerous hosts and commentators that the general public has been led to believe are legitimately attempting to provide fair, balanced, truthful, and unbiased news coverage, many of whom have well established regular audiences of sizable proportions.
The participants in the charades that are being perpetrated function using falsified personal history profiles that were developed to suit the needs of the specific character they represent, until such time as they are needed to play a different role in a different event, while the silence of the peripheral participants in terms of the truth is guaranteed by the rationale that public knowledge that the events are staged would threaten the believability of any real event. 
The end results of all of this are the initial boost in ratings and profits for the news organizations and the corporations that own them, and then ultimately the substantial profits that go into the pockets of these fictitious characters stemming from the establishment of “non-profit” memorial foundations in honor of the victims, as in the case of the still very much alive Christina Taylor Green, and whose real name happens to be Samantha Sexton. 
These events are carefully calculated to elicit a maximum amount of public attention, sympathy, horror, and fear, and one can imagine that the profits that are generated via such avenues as facebook pages, websites, book deals, and sometimes even movie deals as a result of the emotional state of the buying public would be quite substantial.
In addition to falsifying crimes as horrific as the ones mentioned above, Chiarini also exposes these individuals for their participation in the falsification of stories surrounding actual events.  For example, the prepared stories that were filmed throughout the day on 9/11 are indicative of a foreknowledge of what was planned and occurred on that fateful day. 
ED: A very public example of this could be, the infamous 911 BBC slipup in which the broadcaster is standing right in front of Building 7, describing the horrors of its collapse, while the building stands tall in the background. This was 25 minutes before the actual event. 
He also provides incontrovertible video evidence to support his contention that the clashes occurring between Occupy Wall Street protestors and the police in which the police appear to be assaulting the protestors for no reason as well as throwing out canisters of tear gas are in reality pre-planned, staged events, although the ordinary people showing up to participate in those protests remain oblivious to that fact. 
Meanwhile the corporate media continues to report them as factual evidence, as does the alternative media, which increasingly appears to be complicit in this massive deception. 
However, as heinous as all of this is, it is the underlying reason behind all of it that is the most disturbing.
Over the last couple of decades the American population and, indeed, much of the world, has been inundated with an almost constant barrage of propaganda designed to instill a fear of the world at large into the average citizen.
If we are to believe what we are told, danger and possible catastrophe lurks around every corner even when we are confined to the privacy of our own homes, and the world is full of people with the potential and even the desire to do as much harm to their fellow human beings as possible. 
Meanwhile, the U.S. government, for example, has engaged in a process of passing legislation that has systematically destroyed the Constitution of this country, and the grounds used to justify their actions constitute these very same fabricated events. 

Download Video or MP3
This exposure of falsified events during the Occupied Movement must not be missed.

Chiarini’s work is quickly exposing the entire fabric of the matrix that we live in, and all the evidence he provides indicates that there is a concerted effort to convince the population at large that there has been such a progressive downward spiral of society in terms of its moral foundation and social construction that it has rendered us unable to function amongst one another as free and independent human beings. 

This fear of “the other” that has been cultivated engenders a disposition that is more willing to accept the implementation of laws specifically designed in reality to chip away at the rule of law and further erode the inalienable rights guaranteed to us under the Constitution.
The situations they are fabricating and the fear and tension those falsified events create within society ultimately alter public opinion in favor of various moral, social, legislative, and global initiatives, none of which appear to be designed to serve the good of humanity as a whole. 

Chiarini’s evidence proves conclusively that the current trend among many popular public figures such as Alex Jones, David Icke, and Jordan Maxwell in terms of attempting to incite civil unrest and turn various factions of the population against such entities as the police and military is firmly rooted in this much larger plan.  

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And that plan is and has been for a very long time initiated and implemented by and on behalf of a very elite few, the majority of whom are past and current occupants of positions of enormous power within the governments and corporations of the Western world.  
In terms of domestic terrorism as it is currently defined by the legislative branch of the United States federal government, these events are the collective manifestation of all that it entails. 
It is an utterly diabolical plan of attack against the many on the part of a few, and it is insidious in its intentions and pernicious in its consequences.  
And all indications are that it is a global phenomenon.  
Whether or not we continue to take the proverbial bait remains to be seen.




Do you remember this speech given last year by Zbigniew Brzezinski?  


“Mankind is now awake and stirring.”
This interview between Icke and Jones is definitely worth the listen. Icke breaks down the structure of the Rothschild agenda almost perfectly in Video #1.  He also covers the blood lust of the elite beautifully, if such an adjective can possibly be applied to such a criminal organization.
Jones, love him or leave him, still conducts some excellent interviews and this is one of them. AND he acknowledges the Rothschild threat ~ the Zionist agenda ~ something people say he ignores.

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