17 Crazy Notions ’til Christmas: Boy Scouts are trained to kill veterans

As with the last Crazy Notion, this one is a matter of interpretation. It’s not that Boy Scout Explorers in some parts of the U.S. aren’t being trained to take out bad guys, because that’s really happening. But they aren’t being trained to shoot veterans. They’re mostly being trained to shoot Mexicans. In the 2009 New York Times article that first exposed this, a California Explorer-Scout troop took part in an exercise in which an Iraqi war vet takes hostages and has to be apprehended. But a Border Patrol agent baldly admitted that what they’re trying to do is recruit young people to man the border and git those durned immigrants. In my opinion, the domestic terror drills are a blind. Border Patrol generally doesn’t handle such incidents. They just don’t want people to accuse them of training kids to hunt down illegals, because that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Once again, Jones has tried to hijack an ethnic issue and turn it into a plank in his Persecution of Patriots paranoia platform. The DHS, the U.S. military, TSA, and countless other federal agencies have made life very rough for Mexicans and Middle Eastern immigrants… but in Alex Jonestown, it’s mostly about white people.

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