14-Year-Old Developer Builds Uncensorable Voting Platform

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News Story Source: https://news.bitcoin.com
14-Year-Old Developer Builds Uncensorable Voting Platform

This week news.Bitcoin.com spoke with Alex Pasfield a fourteen-year-old developer who created a new tool called 'Bitcoin Voice,' a platform that enables uncensorable voting for subjects within the bitcoin cash community.

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Bitcoin Voice: A Verifiable Voting Record of Blockchain Users Weighted by Their Transaction Amounts

News.Bitcoin.com spoke with a fourteen-year-old developer who has been working on cryptocurrency projects lately and who has been coding since the age of nine. Recently Pasfield, otherwise known as 'Plain Crypto'(@Plaincrypt), launched a platform that allows the BCH and BTC community to vote on important subjects by 'putting their money where their mouth is' — in a literal sense. Bitcoin Voice is an application that shows public messages tethered to blockchain transactions that are sourced from liv
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