13 Crazy Notions ’til Christmas: What Happens at Gun Shows

“When you drive in it’s a big Homeland Security scan. Then when you get out, they normally got a camera mounted on the roof. They get a face scan, then a satellite – I’m not kidding – dials in if they’ve got the sat time (that’s why they’re launching hundreds more to do this), then they get your heat resonance. They’re using the gun shows to get your heat resonance, uh…uh…uh…heat resonance biometric body print, to then track. It’s done in Iraq, as well. It’s a total grid. You’re now uploaded to the sat grid so they can track you from space by your heat resonance pattern. How do you like that?” – Alex Jones (Dec. 7/09 broadcast)

I have no idea where Jones picked up these factoids. There is indeed a lot of infrared satellite tracking going on, but it’s being used to detect missiles. Infrared satellites cannot pick out individual people, because we don’t give off enough heat. And what would be the point, anyway? If They have your photo and license plate number, there would be very little need to track you from space just to find out where you stash your guns.

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