12 Crazy Notions ’til Christmas: Mass shootings are never what they seem, unless leftists perpetrate them

Jones has yet to unreel any wacky theories about today’s events in Belgium, but let’s review what he and the Infowars crew had to say about a few other crazed gunmen (usually within hours of their attacks):

James von Brunn, the Holocaust Museum shooter, the deranged geriatric racist who shot and killed security guard Stephen Johns: The attack was part of a government “Valkyrie takeover drill”, and von Brunn was probably either blackmailed or persuaded to shoot the security guards by the Anti-Defamation League.

Rod Ansell, the inspiration for Crocodile Dundee, who ambushed police and killed officer Glen Huitson in 1999: He was a victim of police tyranny. “First they took away his guns, then they shot him.” (Clearly, no one took away his guns. While Australia’s gun laws are extreme, Ansell was not a martyr and should definitely not be a poster boy for gun ownership.)

Anders Breivik: He was a patsy. The whole thing was a globalist false flag attack designed to “destroy political opposition to the bankers”. This was Kurt Nimmo’s second theory. His first was that Al Qaeda would be blamed.
Jones claims he predicted this attack with his criticism of some Department of Homeland Security videos.

Pretty much every single school shooting: The gunmen went out of their minds after taking SSRIs (antidepressants). This ignores the fact that many of the worst school massacres, including the worst one in American history, occurred long before these drugs were on the market. For instance, a California vice principal killed five of his colleagues and injured a sixth in 1940.
Jones once stated, “We didn’t have these school shootings until 1988, when Prozac came out.” At one point, Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars actually tried to pin Mark Chapman’s murder of John Lennon on Prozac…which wasn’t even available until two years after Lennon’s death.

Interestingly, when manic environmentalist James Lee rampaged through the offices of the Discovery Channel in 2010, Jones was perfectly okay with the mainstream media’s version of events.

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