11 Crazy Notions ’til Christmas: Droning on about drones

I figured the title alone would make this video a crazy notion – one use of a Predator drone in U.S. airspace is not exactly a Crisis of Epic Proportions. And I don’t quite understand the alternative media’s obsession with drone aircraft. Is a drone really worse (ethically speaking) than a manned bomber? If you kill civilians by remote control or by hand, aren’t they just as dead?
But it turns out that drones are just the beginning. This video is bursting at the electronic seams with crazy notions…

1. Goldman Sachs runs the world now. I really hope he’s not being literal here. I’m afraid he is, though. Later he talks about the “banker takeover”.
2. Cattle rustling is illegal, but not really. Jones would do well to stick to the ostensible topic, but he can’t help throwing in a mini-sermon about common law, pointing out that cattle rustling isn’t against the law if the cattle somehow find their own way onto your property and damage it. Defending blatantly criminal activities is not the best way to make a point, particularly when you’re supposed to be defending Constitutional rights.
3. Americans are the #1 enemy of law enforcement and the government. “Self-sufficient country boys” are their primary target. Jones says helicopter and camera surveillance is already common in rural areas. This is just another expression of his Persecution of Patriots meme, which is utterly unconvincing, NDAA notwithstanding. The government could not possibly care less about your victory gardens, water filtration systems, and backup generators. You can be self-sufficient until the cows literally come home, and I guarantee that you won’t attract attention beyond the staff room of Mother Jones magazine. Jones doesn’t realize the self-contradiction here; if the government is persecuting small farmers, why in the hell would local police be allowed the use of a drone to track down small-time cattle rustlers?
4. The U.S. gave Libya to Al Qaeda. Yes, Al Qaeda is present in Libya, but it has no part in the leadership of the revolutionary forces. That’s not to say this isn’t a possibility. It just hasn’t happened. I’m sure Al Qaeda would like to be in control of Libya, but it has not yet had the opportunity.
5. NORTHCOM is the real government. This is just another expression of the military-industrial complex/permanent war economy meme. But it sounds stupid when you put it that way. Like every other government agency, NORTHCOM is a hostage to Congress. If you don’t get the funding, you die. And technically speaking, there’s nothing to stop Congress from slowly starving NORTHCOM to death. Whether they ever do so or not is up to you, the voter.
6. “I knew ten years ago we would have TSA checkpoints.” He’s talking about highway checkpoints. WTF.

The Russia Today anchorwoman is nearly as bad, scoffing at the idea that Jones has been branded a conspiracy theorist (LOL), and at the notion that high technology would be used to retrieve cattle. Did she miss the part of the CGI recreation in which it was explained that the police wanted to find out if the men had guns, so as to avoid an armed conflict that could have cost human lives? Guess all that mascara made her blink.

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