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The British want to come to America — with wiretap orders and search warrants

If U.S. and British negotiators have their way, MI5, the British domestic security service, could one day go directly to American companies such as Facebook or Google with a wiretap order for the online chats of British suspects in a counter­terrorism investigation.

The transatlantic allies have quietly begun negotiations this month on an agreement that would enable the British government to serve wiretap orders directly on U.S. communication firms for live intercepts in criminal and national security investigations involving its own citizens. Britain would also be able to serve orders to obtain stored data, such as emails.

The previously undisclosed talks are driven by what the two sides and tech firms say is an untenable situation in which foreign governments such as Britain cannot quickly obtain data for domestic probes because it happens to be held by companies in the United States. The issue highlights how digital data increasingly ignores national borders, creating vexing challenges for national security and public safety, and new concerns about privacy.

The two countries recently concluded a draft negotiating document, which will serve as the basis for the talks. The text has not been made public, but a copy was reviewed by The Washington Post.–with-wiretap-orders-and-search-warrants/2016/02/04/b351ce9e-ca86-11e5-a7b2-5a2f824b02c9_story.html

Indian Point nuclear facility operator reports ‘alarming levels’ of radioactivity in plant’s groundwater; some wells increase 65,000%

Radioactive water overflowed into the groundwater at the upstate Indian Point nuclear power plant, officials said Saturday.

Gov. Cuomo said the plant’s operator, Entergy, reported “alarming levels” of radioactivity at three monitoring wells, with one well’s radioactivity increasing nearly 65,000%.

The Buchanan plant reported that the contamination did not migrate offsite and does not pose a threat to public health.

Cuomo said he was informed of the tritium-contaminated water leak Friday and asked the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Health to investigate the incident.

“Our first concern is for the health and safety of the residents close to the facility and ensuring the groundwater leak does not pose a threat,” Cuomo said.

The site, roughly 35 miles north of New York City, has been under increased scrutiny from Cuomo and other officials following several incidents. In December, Cuomo ordered an investigation into Indian Point after a series of unplanned shutdowns, citing potential risks to both the city and surrounding suburbs.

North Korea Claims Rocket Successfully Put Satellite Into Space

North Korea said its launch of a long-range rocket succeeded in putting a satellite into orbit, just weeks after the isolated nation conducted its fourth nuclear test.

The rocket put the “Kwangmyongsong” (shining star) Earth observation satellite into space Sunday, North Korean anchorwoman Ri Chun Hui said on state television. North Korea put another satellite in space in late 2012 after repeated failures.

The success, if confirmed, represents another stride by the Kim Jong Un regime in its efforts to develop a missile that can fly as far as the U.S. mainland. North Korea also said there would be more rocket launches to come.

63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read

63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read

The official spin on numerous government programs is flat-out bullsh*t, according to Jesse Ventura.  In this incredible collection of actual government documents, Jesse Ventura, the ultimate non-partisan truth-seeker, proves it beyond any doubt. He and Dick Russell walk readers through sixty-three of the most incriminating programs to reveal what really happens behind the closed doors. Witness as he breaks open the vault, revealing the truth: 

-The CIA’s top-secret program to control human behavior, 

-Operation Northwoods—the military plan to hijack airplanes and blame it on Cuban terrorists

-Potentially deadly healthcare cover-ups, including a dengue fever outbreak

-What the Department of Defense knows about our food supply—but is keeping mum yy Homeland Security’s “emergency” detention camps

-Fake terrorist attacks planned by the United States

Although these documents are now in the public domain, the powers that be would just as soon they stay under wraps.  Ventura’s research and commentary sheds new light on what they’re not telling you—and why it matters.

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Republican Presidential Debate In New Hampshire (FULL Debate 2-6-16)

Mae Brussell – Dialogue Conspiracy (6-28-76)

Adam Weishaupt and the Secrets of the Bavarian Illuminati: A Cartoon Expose of the Order (Illuminati Rex Conspiracy Comics Series) (Volume 3)

Adam Weishaupt and the Secrets of the Bavarian Illuminati: A Cartoon Expose of the Order (Illuminati Rex Conspiracy Comics Series) (Volume 3)

Adam Weishaupt and the Secrets of the Bavarian Illuminati – Beginning with the birth of Weishaupt in 1748 right through to his death in 1830, this cartoon exposé reveals the rituals, passwords, symbols, signs and ciphers of the Illuminati.

» Adam Weishaupt and the Origins of the Bavarian Illuminati


» Illuminati Novice
» Illuminati Minerval and Illuminati Minor Degrees
» Brethren of Minerva – Illuminati Secret Meetings

» Illuminati Masonic Degrees
» Illuminated Symbolic Freemasonry
» Illuminati Major – Scotch Novice
» Illuminati Dirigens – Scotch Knight

» Illuminati Priest
» Illuminati Prince
» Illuminati Magus and Illuminati Rex

» Notable Members of the Bavarian Illuminati
» Mozart, Beethoven and the Bavarian Illuminati

» Weishaupt’s Great Escape
» Regensburg to Saxe-Gotha
» Raid at Landshut
» Raid at Sandersdorf Castle
» The Death of Adam Weishaupt


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